a religion of 🅱️eace

a religion of 🅱️eace

Shit is this a preview of the next Bill Wurtz video?

We could make a religion out of this.

sikh people are the best people i have met. A friend of mine was so broke, she walked in a sikh temple and ask for help. Numerous men just give her 100 dollar bills and said if you need more help just come back.

Sikhism actually has a proud warrior tradition

O shit get well soon man

Well i know where im going tomorrow morning

No, don't.

That's the point of the joke

That's why I'm in the meme war

How bout I do, anyway?

That's sick.

You don't have tits though

(Well maybe you do)

Oh shit get out man

It's called Langar which is part of their religion (I'm Sikh)

Sikhs are chill af from my experiance. There is a large population of them in my city and they seem to have fulfilling lives.

Born too late to fight the Mughals, born too soon to fight alien space muslims, born just in time to post dank memes.

They will also feed you too. They have volunteers that cook for the people at the temple.

That's sikh

Or hire a samurai

Sikhs aren't Muslims 🅱️oi, not even related. Different religion and different origins.

Nice going Ghengis.

I'm a Normie too

I remember that during the first day of high school I asked what this kid's religion was. He said he's Sikh. I replied "get well soon"


No, that's how white people say it.


M8 wtf

Yes. We do not force anyone in. Just head to a Gurdwara (Sikh Temple) and find someone to set up the process.

Top 10 anime betrayals

...Do it.

You can also stay as guests for the night if you're having problems.

I legit thought this was a /comedycemetery post

Is it tonga time?

♫ Get well sooooooon ♫

I think it's tonga time.

I'm Sikh and I'm pretty sure it's pronounced as "sick" Triggered


I do not find any of the rules difficult for ordinary people. There are some rules in Sikhism that you must follow only if you chooses to become a "true" Sikh or Amrit as they call it which is to not eat any meat nor egg products and you must never lie and hold a tiny dagger with you called the Kirpan which is meant for self defense. You must also wear the turban too (it isn't a headscarf) And it is voluntary to wear the turban. I used to wear it but I don't.