A potato just fell out of my chips bag

A potato just fell out of my chips bag

It's my baby, I can't eat it!

It tastes like a mixture between life and death.

Did you bite into it yet? Really wanna know if it's just a thick chip, or a crispy fry, or if it's just raw.

I need to know . . . for science

Yeah, would be strange if a potato fell out of my rat.

Crunchy though? I bet it was crunchy as fuck, mmmmmm.

Never seen someone fantasizing over someones chips before.

I thought bags were filled by weight? Did it have like 10 chips?

Not sure that's true. I once bought a bag of funyuns from my school's cafeteria only to realize it contained only one single, sad funyun. I was hungry that day.

Ahh, I'm pretty sure that's a nutsack.

I call bullshit. No one buys funyuns because they're hungry. They buy them because they are very, very high.

Mom: Why are you putting a potato into a bowl of chips? OP: Shut up mom. The internet will love this.

Don't judge me

Good parent potato, keeping an eye on its kids.

I've always wondered what would happen if the chip slicing machine broke and the hilarity that would ensue from opening a bag of chips and instead getting a whole fried potato.

Then one day it was gone and me and my dad were real sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 we don't know what happened to it we think my dog ate it. Now he has like a baby cucumber plant or something Next to the sink that he calls his baby

Hold my rat nestβ€” hey what the shit, man?

He would just point it out to me and say look this is my baby every once in a while and I would say awww cause it was all little and cute.

Ah, the ol' reddit... meh, I think we're done with this, right?

good thing it wasnt a rat

Oh so you waited 9 months before eating it

This reminds me of a baby pumpkin my dad called his baby and kept it next to the sink for a whole year

I'm hella impressed by your portioning. When I buy a bag of chips, I'm finishing that fuckin bag. Small size, economy size, family size... does not matter.

Dude, that's even worse...

Yeah those are balls, fam

Put potato into a bowl of chips Take a picture and post on reddit ???? Potato!

Give your dad a nice hug from me. I'm sorry for your loss.

I'm sorry, as the chips guy, to be the one to tell you this but I think your dad never loved you

It was as full as always but the potato-mothership wasn't that heavy

The good thing about eating out of the bag is, at the end you can say "I ate a bag of chips". But if you portion it and eat the bag anyways you ate like 6 bowls of chips...

It was as full as always but the potato-mothershipchip wasn't that heavy


Dude, chips guy, no need to be so harsh

Whoever downvoted you at first has never had the experience of forgetting to make the gas station run prior to getting high and then not being able to drive there. If they had been in this situation before it would have humbled them.

wanna ghost chup?

I kinda want to try a whole fried potato. Like just take a potato, scrub it really well, and stick the thing in a deep fryer until it's cooked through.

May want to par-bake it first...

Sorry, I'm a bit crispy sometimes

Calling /sub/mechanicalkeyboards

Go on...

Well he did say death in the mix.

slams into wall

Too big for a chihuahua brain

Tell me your results and I'll tell you mine

You know I can't grab your ghost chips!

I was thinking deep fried chihuahua brain, but i could definitely see scrotum.

its fake, chip factories have size filters that prevent large objects like a tater from making it into a chip bag. anything thicker then a chip wouldn't make it that far down the line out of the cooker.

I worked on a big farm at one point. I'm responsible for the castration of thousands of pigs. I'm the Pol Pot of pig testicles, get on my level bruh.

Your dad sounds so awesome.