A mulberry fell from a tree and got impaled on a blade of grass

A mulberry fell from a tree and got impaled on a blade of grass

That's just really impressive.

There goes that "aim for the grass" option if I ever fall out of an airplane.

Are you sure you didn't impale it yourself? I'm sure the grass would snap if a berry fell on it...

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mulberries fall off the tree by themselves when they're less ripe than that, it's probably been on the ground a few days and the grass grew through it.


It's a round stem of grass not a leaf.

The internet has made me jaded.

No it didn't.

I've seen the stalk of some grass, about .5m/2ft-ish & nothing super hardcore, just grass, go through a workmates thumb. From the index finger side to the no finger side through the meaty pad.

That sub is not impressive has to be like /sub/eallyimpressive

Fun fact: If you eat the leaves from the mulberry tree you will hallucinate. You will also puke your brains out and be stuck on the toilet for a while. Cheers

I'm pretty sure the effort to do that would show. I believe OP.

That looks like a blackberry.

You can tell it's a mulberry by the little piece of stem that's still attached the the fruit, they always have those still attached when you pick them.

Therefore this fruit was certainly picked and did not fall from the tree and this post is bullshit.


Really?! I used to eat those berries all the time as a kid, guess I never ate a leaf tho

Some grass is just really fuckin stiff. I remember playing around the neighbors backyard there was a section you had to avoid barefoot cause that shit HURT to walk on lol. I could run across my dirt/rock driveway no problem, but I couldn't handle that god damn demon grass.

You are pretty and impressive :)

But you were correct (other than your spelling of foliage).

The idea that grass grew through it doesn't plausibly explain how the grass would have acquired enough strength to lift the berry.

Neither is the idea of it falling and landing so far down the blade of grass.

It was a setup, and you called it.

There's a reason they call them blades of grass. Nature's tiny knife collection.

They're super good. A lot of folks regard the trees solely as a nuisance, which is unfortunate.