A 1,000-foot-thick ice block about the size of Delaware is snapping off of Antarctica

A 1,000-foot-thick ice block about the size of Delaware is snapping off of Antarctica
A 1,000-foot-thick ice block about the size of Delaware is snapping off of Antarctica

Not sure if impressed with ice or disappointed with Delaware.

I wonder what kind of sounds it makes when something that big, made of ice, cracks.

Buy land in Colorado Wait for glaciers to melt Sell as lakefront property Profit

I bet it would be a giant groan and crack that sends all the survival instincts running, like when people describe the shift in a tornado roar as it's actually passing over shelter as something that your whole body just knows is wrong.

I never want to hear something that big. This thread is giving me the sense of being seriously temporary on the planet even though I live way inland and there isn't a Day After Tomorrow wave coming.

Rhode Island = 1,212 sq miles Delaware = 2,491 sq miles

The day after tomorrow x2.... "Three Days From Today"

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This was literally the start to The Day After Tomorrow

I also own future beach front property in Colorado.

As a Marylander, you should feel disappointed in Delaware.

1000 feet thick is crazy to visualize. Like two Washington monuments stacked on top of each other. Needless to say, that's a lot of ice.

As an Antarctica area resident, thanks for that. Now I have a good grasp on how fucking small the Washington monument is.

Delawarean here.

The state of Delaware is approximately 96 miles from northern border to southern border, and is about 30 miles wide at its widest point, though the "neck" of Delaware is more narrow. Altogether, the state of Delaware is 1982 square miles.

Given that 1 sq. mile is 27,878,400 square feet, and then multiplying the third dimension of 1000ft (thick), this ice block contained 55,254,988,800,000 cubic feet of ice.

Source: born in Delaware, geography class, a calculator

Six stacked twin towers.

(0 feet)*6 = 0

Nah, in The Day After Tomorrow it was only the size of Rhode Island

For anyone who's not American, countries geographical locations the size of Delaware include; Cyprus, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, West Bank.

edit: Yes I am aware Puerto Rico isn't an actual country, it isn't even a state. Yes I am aware the West Bank is also not a god damn country, they were for reference. Thanks.

That's step 0, bud.

As a DC area resident, thanks for that. Now I have a good grasp on how fucking thick it is


Four Days After Yesterday.

The Chinese are really sparing no expense with their little charade.


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The only question is "when"


and "by how much".

maybe up to 4 inches

source: i read the article.

You forgot step 1.5...smoke a shit ton of weed

Ah, the shaved pubes effect.

That's okay. We can still make it to Mexico.

Size of Delaware

Wonder how big that is maybe this article will explain.

A slab of ice nearly twice the size of Rhode Island


But first we'll have to make it over some stupid guy's damn wall.


Heh, bud

I'll give this joke 9/11.

And then Yellowstone erupts.

Someone should donate you a bit of land so you can call it an even 2k.


that one's three times as thick, but only the size of Manhattan. sounds epic

My ex was a rocket jockey with a heart as cold as a piece of the ice shelf as large as Delaware and every time she'd belittle someone that's exactly how she'd look at them. This entire thread triggers me.

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and everyone in this thread decides to make their shitty jokes.


As I understand it, the ice that's composed of is in itself not an issue. It's already floating on water, so it's displacing the water it'll make when it melts. No sea rise at all. However! That ice is corking the ice sheet on the continent from getting down to sea. With that gone, land-based ice will move out on to the water, and that'll raise the displacement of water, which WILL raise sea levels. The only question is "when" and "by how much". "If" isn't seriously disputed by anyone at this point.


But can we make it into a circle?

Half the women in Texas are bigger than my state. Not all size comparisons are favorable.

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 88%. (I'm a bot)

The giant ice block is part of the Larsen C ice shelf, which is the leading edge of one of the world's largest glacier systems.

If there's any good news about the rift in Larsen C, it's that the ice shelf "Is already floating in the ocean, so it has already displaced an equivalent water mass and minutely raised sea level as a result," MacGregor said.

The bad news is that if Larsen C collapses, all the ice it holds back might add another 4 inches to sea levels over the years and decades - and that it's just one of many major ice systems around the world affected by climate change.

Extended Summary | FAQ | Theory | Feedback | Top keywords: ice#1 shelf#2 Larsen#3 rift#4 mile#5

They can have Camden. Sincerely NJ

Exporter of potassium


So we should expect the world to freeze over instead of going into Global Warming?

Edit: Since a lot of people misunderstood my comment, I was making a joke. In the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" a giant ice chunk broke off from the icecaps. Later on in the movie most of the world froze over. My (admittedly poor) joke was referencing these events.

I've never actually met anyone from Delaware. To be honest, I'm not 100% convinced it really exists.

I happened to be outdoors when the Upland quake struck LA and got a brief moment where I could hear it approaching (In truth, what I heard was the P waves before the arrival of the S waves and surface waves). It's the only instance of the many large quakes I went through where I got to hear it first, and without the clutter of all the things inside being bounced about.

Fuckin' terrifying. I've heard a couple tornadoes come close when I lived in the Midwest, but there's a better sense of direction from those, even if you're perceiving the wrong direction, at least it sounds like one thing coming from one direction. When I heard that quake, it was just like when the shaking started - it was fucking everywhere, and everything about it set off the 'something is wrong and I don't know how to cope with it' panic inside me.

"The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive." — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 6, 2012

They're going to pay for the wall to keep us out.

Yeah, it's big. But only because nothing around it is nearly as big.

Better head to the library. Or ya know, somewhere better.

Never underestimate the Delawarean ilk. It is when you least expect it, that they will emerge from their tunnels and carry you down to their Undercity.

Holy shit we're doomed

rolls window down WE DIDN'T LISTEN!

That's most of reddit. Serious issue is posted, and everyone reacts to the best of their limits, mostly trying to score some worthless internet points.

He said there was only one question and continued on to list two different questions.

Varrock West Bank? :O

We can explain it in feet, miles, or inches if it helps

If only we had a device, one that could propel us over the wall, or even one to simply climb over it. The latter would be great.

Come everyone one know


Where I live used to be covered by a sheet of ice 8 times as thick.

8,000 feet of ice. Six stacked twin towers.

Incredible to even try and visualize.

Have been to Delaware multiple times. It definitely does not exist, though.

One of the most remarkable experiences of my youth was laying idly in the grass in Normandy park looking across the baseball diamond and the soccer field just as an earthquake hit. There's nothing, and then I see the waves rolling at me across the field and I'm thinking "that's a cool optical illusion." And then they hit and it's like "holy cow! I just saw an earthquake!"

Dude, same. I sat up in my bed one night and heard a sound like a trash bin being rolled down the street but it just kept getting impossibly louder until a point when I was like "is that thunder? Fuck, that's not an earthquake is it?"

It felt like forever and I kept thinking about how damn big the thing had to be for me to hear it until I felt that first gentle push followed by the most violent tossing I've felt in my life. ("Oh that's not that bad...Oh fuuck me, shit!")

My brother was in the fetal position in the top bunk. I guess it was too much for his little self and I had to throw his ass down to take cover. Ended up only being in the mid 4's. still some crazy stuff though.

The scariest part of the Rowlett, TX tornado last year, for me (went over my house) was the dead quiet right before. Went from a heavy storm to...nothing. No wind, no birds, no rain, no nothing. Absolute silence. Every hair on my body stood straight on end, I remember it vividly.

"If" isn't seriously disputed by anyone at this point.

Except the President-Elect of the most powerful nation on earth.

Delaware? Never heard of it. I only know it as Maryland's "Eastern Shore Part II"

Oh my god.... THAT'S TODAY

See you down in Arizona Bay.

Ahhh so that's why my shower drain looks so small

You guys will just waste it watering your lawns.

Plus that weird almost sepia-like color everything outside suddenly becomes. It's seriously like something straight out of a horror movie. Especially given, you know, the realization that if your luck is just particularly shitty that day everything around you, and probably including you, is about to be fucking blown to pieces and there's not a goddamn thing you can do about it except sit in your bathtub with a fucking mattress over you and hope for the best.

Everything about Tornados is fucking horrifying on a level that I'm not sure people who haven't witnessed them can fully appreciate.

-Lives in Arkansas

Even with the video I'm still having a hard time just picturing the size..

The city limits of Juneau, Alaska are larger than Delaware

Damn it! I need 14 meters to get waterfront property!

Yards, acres and furlongs?

Can confirm, Delaware is actually a myth.


Or watch the largest calving event ever filmed. It's hard to believe the scale involved.

Oh man, if only technology had figured out a way to circumvent the advanced science of vertical surfaces!!! Damn you science for not solving this most ancient of problems!!!

As a Philadelphian, I claim delaware as a suburb of my city.

/sub/trebuchetmemes is that way --->

We should probably keep flying jets over it just to be sure.


I bet they have The Day After Tomorrow on DVD.

There's a description somewhere of a group of cavers discovering a massive underground chamber that makes me feel uncomfortably small in that same way.

They walked for ages along the wall under the impression it was a long winding passage, but narrow, until someone struck off to find the other wall and suffered an acute case of agoraphobia over the scale of the chamber after walking into nothing for so long.

I can see being swallowed by a cave the size of several football fields provoking a sudden perception shift of NOOOPE.

Maryland and Pennsylvania start circling each other and growling

Not as honest as the last guy, but it does sound pretty scary.

y'all are meming and I'm over here like whelp humanity had a good run.

Optical inch

Disappointed in Delaware?

Then move to New Delaware, it's a true free market down there, libertarian wet dream I reckon. Probably be at least a few years before it melts, in which case just find the next chunk to break off.

Come everyone one know global warming is a farce! Don't worry about it'

And to think I almost fell for it!

It's crowded by Alaskan standards.

We see this shit happening but nothing will change.

Can't believe I needed to scroll this deep to find an actual interesting comment, and not stupid jokes.

That sounds terrifying to be honest. I bet you the ground was probably shaking too.

I used to have these weird dreams / hallucinations as a kid and this is how Id describe the feeling. Like all of a sudden Id feel like I was looking at something far, far bigger than myself and this feeling of immense "wrongness".

You're just throwing sounds together at this point

Nobody should be surprised by that. He'd struggle to pour water out of a boot with instructions on the heel.

4 inches x entire surface area of all oceans is absolute shit ton of water.

it is... it is...

except the aquarium!

Find the smallest black dot you can possibly find in the ice. That would be like your house.

For anyone who's not earthian, space rocks the size of Delaware include percival 9, 10, and 14.

A ton of feathers for sure, a tonne of bricks is a tonne of bricks but a tonne of feathers includes the weight of what you did to those poor birds.

So then America will be north of the wall, Mexico will start a border patrolle called the night watch and start defending themselves from the wild people of America?

Common man your blowing my cover act natural.

Delaware is roughly 30mi x 96mi, roughly 1,986 square miles. Rhode Island is roughly 37mi x 48mi, which is actually only 1,214 square miles after you account for water/etc.

So there are 1.63 Rhode Islands in a Delaware.

Assuming you mean the ice shelf, though...

Given that 1 sq. mile is 27,878,400 square feet, and then multiplying the third dimension of 1000ft (thick), this ice block contained 55,254,988,800,000 cubic feet of ice.

Quick Google has a cubic foot of ice at about 62.4lbs.

End result is 3.4479x1015 lbs of ice, or 1,723,955,650,000 [1.72 TRILLION] tons.

But wait there's more...

Your average adult male African bush elephant is 13,000lbs, which means this ice shelf weighs [roughly] 265,223,946,240 elephants.

That's a whopping 265.2 billion adult male elephants.