A cat licking velcro

But why... not... stop?

To the cat, it probably just feels like someone's fur is particularly rough and matted, so it's trying to lick it smooth. Grooming instinct.

I don't know if that's true but you sound smart so ok.

Looks like a wool blanket to me.

Anyone else find this mildly disturbing to watch? Like watching a gif of someone scratching a chalkboard.

Yup, not velcro. Nearly the same thing. My cat has done this on many-a-fluffy blankets, and is always just as funny to watch.

That's how I feel 100% of the time in academia

It's how we all feel in academia. I'm convinced nobody actually knows what they're doing and we are all just bullshitting to meet deadlines for people who also don't know what they're doing in order to try and impress people who have no clue if you're right or not.

I was more disturbed by "pettube.com" wondering what other unsavory content may live there

Mine do this once in awhile. Then I hear them elsewhere, "Heeehhhth! Heeeeeeehhhth! KACK!!!"

The difference is, when you do a PhD it's new bullshit. Before then, you're only allowed to paraphrase the bullshit that came before you.

Vomiting on the only carpet you have at home?

I've never seen a black pussy that slippery

This video looks like it's from 1994

Or in a slipper for extra points.

My cat does stuff like this all the time. If the window is open, exposing the screen, she's licking it. Anything rough really, or any kind of mesh. It's funny when she does it, but I was always curious if she was just weird or if she's trying to clean her tongue or something. Anyone else's cat do this?

This is possibly the most unsavory thing on that site.

I mean I'm not sure if that's true but I don't know enough about cat law to dispute it.


It is due to their grooming instincts, as adult cats can spend up to 50 percent of their waking hours grooming.

Since grooming is so important to them, too much or too little can indicate a number of health problems. Here are the reasons they are constantly grooming themselves:

Protection against predators: Cats instinctively clean away food and additional odor-causing agents so they will not be detected by potentially threatening animals.

Body temperature regulation: Cats sweat a little from their paws, but they mostly rely on saliva evaporation on their fur to maintain normal body temperature. Grooming controls around one-third of a cat’s cooling process.

Fur maintenance and warmth: By licking itself, a cat helps distribute its natural oils evenly around its coat. This oil guards against dampness and seals in heat.

Deceleration control: As we all know, a falling cat is able to spread itself out to increase surface area during falls, and clean fur is crucial to maintaining control during the descent. As amazing as it is to see the graceful motion of a cat while falling, it pales in comparison to the fact that in 1998, The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer’s table.

I need a drink of water after watching that.

not sure if i should click the link now.

Cats gotta cat

Or in my room three fuckin times out of the whole house

Bob Saget

One thing that's a variant is during your PhD studies, you're looking into novel dung from a bovine. Previously, one is only permitted to cite (and reconstruct in one's own words) all the works that came from previous researchers.

Sorry, not a PhD. I can only paraphrase.

You're right, but we're seeing the same mechanism as velcro. Basically velcro fasteners have two very different pieces: one piece has tiny hooks that stick out and the other has loops that the hooks can get entangled with.

In this case the blanket is providing the loops via long strands of fabric, and the cat's tongue definitely supplies the hooks! (Warning: closeups of cat tongues are a bit disturbing)

You're right, but we're seeing the same mechanism as velcro. Basically velcro fasteners have two very different pieces: one piece has tiny hooks that stick out and the other has loops that the hooks can get entangled with.

In this case the blanket is providing the loops via long strands of fabric, and (Warning: closeups of cat tongues are a bit disturbing)

We're only discussing real degrees?

One of mine got caught short with diarrhea while he was sleeping on our bed.

Hopped down and took a shit in my slipper.

I took it personally at first, until I realised that he could've done it on the bed and "buried" it in the duvet. Instead of me getting in the sack and sliding into the cold horror of sloppy poop, it was a neat-yet-soggy parcel that I was able to easily identify and deal with.

a cat's tongue has properties similar to velcro

My friends cat does the same exact thing. Your cat is not alone.

Edit: you're to your. Phones suck.

Yes very much so

The toughness means it needs even more licking

My cat is a screen licker too. Sounds like he is ripping the spikes off his tongue, grosses me out. He also smashes his nose on the window to make that rubbing glass sound until I come over and open the window so he can lick the screen.

Now I'm wondering if the inventor of velcro noticed a cat licking a wool blanket and went "hmmmm..."

This chain is like an abrupt, aggressive awakening for all ambitious, aspiring academics like myself.

Are you joking?! Wireless telecommunications is probably one of THE most important advancements in modern society behind electricity itself!

And then stepping in it, in the middle of the night.

Oh man someone should make a video where they take a big piece of velcro and sprinkle catnip all over it!


A(little )S(hit)



P(iled )h(igh and)D(eep)

You're welcome.

Mine also liked to lick my hair, but after a moment she'd always go crazy and grab a mouthful of my hair and shake her head like she wanted to tear it out...

Wait...but...you're not the guy.

I've been bamboozled.

Pettube.com risky adventure of the day

Maybe you should click it twice now

Damn son, I think he might might get a PhD, he got schooled so hard.

We can, in fact, simplify further:

If that scares you, definitely do not look up cat penis es

We can, in fact, simplify further:

If that scares you, definitely do not look up es

Did you know there exists a technology to allow Spydars to talk to Cats?

Yeah I came to see silly cats doing silly things, not get redpilled on my hopes and dreams.

This all really surprises me. I did an engineering apprenticeship and then later in my job a degree. Definitely never really felt part of academia. You guys are smart as fuck and the reason (amongst many) we don't die at 34 from toothache.

We have hardwood floors (tile in the kitchen and bathrooms), but the biggest vomiter seeks out our few fine rugs.

No idea where you're getting that, George de Mestral modeled velcro after burrs that would stick to him and his dog when they went on walks.

Or it just physically feels good.

Flowers for Charlie

Edit: A couple fun facts about this episode, it was inspired by a great book titled 'Flowers For Algernon', and the episode was written by the creators of Game of Thrones.

If you've ever had hair long enough to need to be brushed you know that oh so satisfying feeling of brushing the knots out of it given they aren't big enough to be painful. But a cat's brush is a tongue.

If that scares you, definitely do not look up cat penises.

I had a cat that loved to preen my head. She'd lick my hair until it was wet. One interesting part was that my scalp seemed to get better from it. I'm considering selling cat spit as dandruff shampoo.

Actually, it's a of a rare cat disease where the tastebuds do not stop growing. The cat is licking a rough surface to help grade them down to a normal level. If the cat is not treated within 12 hours, the tastebuds will expand up, through the roof of its mouth and into its brain. Also has to forward this to 20 people in the next hour or be deported to the Glorious Democratic People's Republic of Korea

I think it just likes a good tongue stretch

Let's simplify that:

If that scares you, definitely do not look up cat penises.

This reminds me the feeling that you get when you chew on a jolly rancher once it gets soft. It's like tooth cement but you can't stop. Until you bite down and your teeth are stuck then your whole life flashes before your eyes as you imagine a life with a sealed jaw. Then your teeth would come unstuck and just repeat the cycle. I hope I wasn't the only one who did this and don't look weird.

Cat tongues work just like Velcro to clean their fur.

this is how everyone feels

maybe it feels good?

Reminds me of that episode of spongebob when squidward tries a crabby patty for the first time and he starts licking the sand.

you have an interesting imagination.

God dammit, I walked straight into that one, but you're not him! What's going on here?

We had a huge vomiting problem with our maincoon. Three to four times a day. Very stressful for us. The second short hair cat totally fine. Took him to the vet paid 599 dollars for blood tests and x ray to get reply low protein...obviously with the vomiting. Since then stopped dry food and only make home cooked food. A mix chicken liver hearts giblets rice all passed through the food processor. I then freeze like 40 cat food cans volume with 6L of food. When we serve the cats i add one coffee spoon of powdered oats. Since then beside the hairball no more vomiting but it took like three month. So the no gain is totally a marketing BS. Anyway this works for our cats. Making the food takes about 2hrs per month.

95% me of the time in ELI5 and AskScience. The other 5% is corn syrup.

My cat has been doing this to my new furniture and it's driving me crazy. Leaves these nasty stains on my chairs that I have to clean up each time. She knows she's now allowed on them but she gets up while I'm not home and licks the shit out of the couch and chairs.

Makes sense. Now lazy asshole cats just repurposed it. Lol

I guess it must feel pleasant in some way. My cat liked to lick one particular cushion made from smooth velour-like fabric. It was really gross to touch this pillow and feel it was all wet with cat saliva

NASA did not invent Velcro. (common misbelief, along with NASA inventing TANG)

Don't tell my boss, but that's how I feel in a professional setting also.

My cat only licks our kitchen chairs. The metal legs.

what about BA?

Cold or warm between bare toes!

That means you're not doing it right.

Wireless telecommunications!?!

But he was talking about phones!

Can we simplify that further?

If that scares you, definitely do not look up cat penises.

That means you're not doing it right.

Good boy lol

Well in the wild theyd wanna barf on the grass instead. The best thing in house is the rug. Hope that makes sense