25 years, 111 game systems, and 926 games. Here's my entire collection so far.

25 years, 111 game systems, and 926 games. Here's my entire collection so far.

I have like, ten physical games and one working console at my place, and I still have a hard time deciding what to play.

I had no idea there were 111 different game consoles.

Some are handhelds, some are computers. A few are different versions of the same platform, e.g. NES "toaster' and NES 101, GBA, GBA SP, GB Micro, Genesis, Genesis model 2, and stuff like that.

I looked into it. Funding is almost impossible. And there's a lot I don't have, especially on the computer side, that are really important to gaming history. I am setting up a non-profit for educational purposes since I take them to a lot of conventions so people can experience systems that they might not be able to otherwise.

And Gamestop will gladly give you $23.58 for everything

You're well on your way to finding Halliday's Easter Egg

I was mostly joking, but it's super awesome that you've actually put effort into sharing your stuff with others

You should start a museum

Games, I've always felt, are social and meant to be shared. It goes back to when I was three or four and my dad came back from his parent's house with his Atari 2600 and shared it with me. As a kid we didn't have a NES, so I could only play at friends' houses. Even in single player games and RPGs we all sat around together. I feel like /sub/gaming and other gaming subs are yet another way to share gaming experiences and be social, even with immersive single player games that you put 100s of hours in on your own.

I don't want to know what that room smells like

That's so neat! Two more questions, how did you buy all these (flea market, ebay, garage sales) and in today's world console or pc?

The normal questions. Do you have insurance? How long you been collecting?

Glad it did. You're welcome!

Damn, whats the piece you're most proud of?