71% of Kielbasas want to ban Kebab. Based Poland.

71% of Kielbasas want to ban Kebab. Based Poland.

Now the Polish make the jokes.

Meta as fuck

Middle Eastern people. It's also a common reference in the game Eu4 where kebab is ottoman empire.

what is kebab?

The food of the Middle East, and more importantly in this context, Muslims from the Middle East. It's a synecdoche.

Hold up, democracy only does the will of the people when the ziocons agree, or the will of the people is in the ziocons interests! Can we get a fact check on the fly?

Ah shish!

I....... I don't know what to even say..... this is on a whole different level...... carry on with the MAGA. Carry on pedes...

Can we ban kebabs, but not kebabs? They're so tasty..

How many Londoners does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Evan! Evan, evan!



Everything we make tastes better than their shit. Middle Eastern/Anatolian food is some of the best in the world and goes back tens of thousands of years. Long before the Turks and Islam inserted themselves into the region.

What's the difference between a kebab and a gyro?

I thought you meant actual kebabs at first and I was annoyed because kebabs are fucking tasty.

The west could always bring in more middle Eastern Christians. They make the kebabs.

Very little. Greek and Ottoman foodstuff is closely related as they're both from the Mediterranean. The word "kebab" comes from the Arabic word "to char". Your average gyro is going to include something like grilled chicken whereas a kebab is going to be a more well done piece of lamb or beef. They're similar but like with all foods the ingredients and preparation vary.

Food is probably the best thing to ever come from multiculturalism. Food is fucking tasty. Doesn't require letting in a standing army to get kebabs, though.

After the Nazi invasion do people think Poland wants to be fooled again?