99% of buyers on Craigslist

99% of buyers on Craigslist

The biggest mistake I've ever made was listing something as free. Had some furniture I wanted to get rid of before I moved. It was in good shape, but I wanted it gone fast so I just listed it as free to the first person to come pick it up. That's when I learned that the craziest people browse the free section.

About an hour after I posted it I started getting text messages and phone calls from various people. I probably had 30 people contact me the first day and about half of them said they wanted some piece of furniture I had listed. Lots of people had unusual questions about items like, "Can you send me a picture of the underside of the table?" (this wasn't an antique, it didn't look like an antique, it was just a fixed length table I bought new a couple years ago). After the 5th request for an unusual picture of an item I started telling people to come by and inspect it in person.

I had 3 different people send me regular updates with excuses about why they couldn't come by right now to pick something up. I told them after the first excuse that it was going to the first person to show up and I wasn't holding it for anyone, but I kept getting updates : |

After 3 days not a single person who had contacted me was committed enough to actually come and look at an item or pick it up. After a week I had only gotten rid of 1 item. I posted the remaining furniture on the furniture forum with extremely low prices ($10 for a dining room table, pictures showing you it isn't a pile of trash) and I had everything gone within 3 days with a total of 5 people contacting me about 3 items. Charging something, even if it's absurdly low, is better than giving it away for free because it filters out the people who aren't serious about getting your item.

He switch from computer to tablet very quickly.

I had a poor continuity manager on the set

Is it still available?

I was selling a compressor. I had 15 people ask if it's still available, I said yes, and I settled on a price with each one. Each one ended all communication at that point. I'm bringing it to a scrap steel yard.

Instead of listing it as free and hoping someone comes to get it, Just put it in your front yard with a $20 dollar sign on it and someone will steal it right away.

It looks nice from the window

I'll never understand Craigslist buyers. It's like the have some weird addiction to not getting the things they want , ever. Haven't had much luck ever selling for this exact reason lol

I have the opposite, whenever I buy something it's like the seller doesn't want to sell shit.

I said I can fucking pick it up today and you don't answer? Do you hate money that much to take 5 minutes out if your day?

And the last guy.. I drove an hour to his house and asshole wasn't even home after we agreed upon a time

From the ad: "if you are reading this, the item is still available"

Buyer: Hi is the item still available?

For free items I've taken to putting them in my front yard with a free sign and posting an ad with no contact info along the lines of "yes it's free, first come first served, I won't answer any questions and will take down the ad as soon as possible once it's gone, but there is a chance you'll get here second, sorry". Otherwise it's like a full day's job to give away an end table or something.

Seller: NO.

I tried selling some old furniture on CL when I moved recently. I got a message at 3am saying "I'd like to buy your dresser. Let me know if it's still available." Simple enough.

Since it was in the middle of the night, I didn't read the message until the next morning. I got a follow-up message at 630am from the same person saying, "while you were sleeping, I was patiently waiting for my new dresser..."

Not horrible, I suppose, but it creeped me out.

I put a fairly decent dresser out with a 'free' sign once and someone just took the sign :|

I had a guy just email me saying he was on his way to buy my lawn mower but we never agreed on a time, nor did he know my address. Wtf.

My experience lately is "I bought this motorcycle for 6k 3 years ago, I've added about 40k miles to it. Asking 5.5k firm."

...no dude... no

"yes, this is about the $150 video card you are selling for $40. can I give you $15 for it?"

Typical Used Price: $200

Set price: $180

Buyer: "What's the lowest price? :)"

Me: "$170."

Buyer: "$130?"

Go to hell.

"I like how the panties you keep in it smell."

In the ad "price firm, cash only." Buyer "hey, will you trade a used Xbox and an out of date android phone?"

no low offers, I know what I got

How much do you want for it?

What's the lowest you'll take.


"Will you take $X?"

"Yes, let me know when you want to arrange pickup..."


"Are you still interested?"


As someone who deals a lot on CL, the most common thing I get is: "I have a used lawnmower, runs, and a sprocket for a 1988 Honda quad I'll trade".

It's always a piece of yard equipment and a random item that most people have no use for.

Well the sign was the only thing with free written on it, maybe he thought it didn't apply to the dresser

I got my only neutral feedback on ebay from someone that bought something at like 5pm on friday, sent me a message like 2 hours later that said "Are you going to ship that or what?", then was pissed that it shipped out first thing monday morning. I always put "ships within 2 business days".

The e-mails are coming from inside the house!

You forgot "I bought one last week for $100..."

I know you're asking $50, but would you take $3.53 and an expired box of saltine crackers?

Try tinder in college. It will prepare any guy for craigslist. Match? No reply. Match and short conversation? Replies end. Match and conversation and a date? No reply. Match and conversation and date and more chatting? They are seeing other people and delete tinder. Only solution is to keep going, like hitting refresh on a page and getting a step further every few trys until you accomplish what you hoped for, always waiting for it to abruptly end.

I'm currently dealing with this on Letgo.

Billy D.:"Can I come by to check it out? What is a good time?"

Me: "Absolutely, How's 3pm?"

...Never to be heard from again.

"What happened to him?"

"Craigslist user came to his house unannounced.."

"Then what?"



Yeah, they do it on purpose. Not because they can't afford what you're asking, but because they expect you to give in. Unless you've been sitting on an item for over two weeks, I'd say to walk away from assholes like that.

Inside the dresser...

The general populace has made normal people seem like heroes. I stocked my entire two bedroom apartment for $1500 using craigslist. It never ceases to amaze me the horror stories you hear from people trying to get rid of stuff. I picked up a free fridge from a guy who had just have someone come try to pick it up in a Honda Civic. Wanted the guy to help him tie it to his roof. The crazies are real.

One might be tempted to leave a calling card in the form of a bag of flaming dog poo.

As an insurance agent, getting "porched" was part of the game. I learned to ask about their vehicles as part of chit chat and if I had time after getting porched I'd simply wait awhile to see if they returned home and pull in the drive right behind them, apologizing for being late.

The embarrassment and guilt was worth s sale about 50% of the time.

He got eaten by a werewolf. Show some respect.

I was wondering why I seemed like a god send to the craigslist user I got a free bed frame from. She asked if I was serious which I sure as shit was, I guess she had 140 people text her but nobody coordinated it well. Moral of the story this broke ass first time home buyer got a nice free bed frame from the free section. Mainly because I guess I came across as the only not crazy person to reply

She sounds like the kind of person who would ask you to switch seats with her husband on a plane so they can sit together, except you and her are in business class and her husband is in economy.

It isn't much different outside of college

My pet peeve is people who agree on a price, then intentionally short you when they hand you the cash in hopes you won't notice or say anything. Fuck you, pay me.

Oh man this is also my biggest issue with CL lately. You see the same ads for months because people are completely unrealistic about the price they want.

How much do you want for it?

This is it

Good. Someone needs to put those cocky fuckers in their places.

Is it still available? (oh god, I hope no one has snatched it up!)

Yes, it's available.

Hmmm why don't those other people want it.... must be something wrong with it. That was a close call.

I always tell them "Nah, you can have it for $75". Then they usually respond with something along the lines of "thanks, when can I pick it up?" and I just never respond

For me, it's always been: $100? How about 2 Samurai swords and $20?

We had a plastic sandbox and a bunch of packs of sand for the kids but they outgrew it. Tried the free thing for about two weeks. Finally one day we put it all in the bed of the pickup truck and left the tailgate open with no sign or anything on it. When we had returned for the day it was all gone.


The best one is if you try to use Facebook Marketplace to sell things. My SO and I were trying to get a few dollars for all of the baby clothes my daughter can't wear anymore (more than $200 of clothes, some of which still had tags, selling all for $30)

Potential buyer: That is an awesome deal, we really need that for our daughter.

SO: Great! Everything is clean, most still brand new. You can come and get it or we can bring it to you.

Potential buyer: We live in the same city, i can just come to you. I don't get paid until tomorrow though, can you hold it until then?

SO: Sure!

next day

SO: Still coming by?

Potential buyer: Deleted and blocked

If they mention the rating was because of the delivery, you should report the feedback to ebay and ask their customer service to look into it. If you can prove that the delivery happened within 2 business days, they should remove it.

I've left stuff on the curb with a free sign and it's usually gone by the time I get back from taking my dog on a walk around the neighborhood.

One time I put out a desk for free and a woman knocked on my door furiously. She wanted me to drag the desk back into my house to hold it for her because she couldn't get her husband on the phone to come with his truck and she was afraid it would be gone by the time she got in touch with him and she didn't want to have to stand next to it until then. I said "no" and explained I was giving it away for free and didn't want to put more effort into giving it away than I already had.

I started putting "free, don't knock" on my signs after that.

That is a little creepy. You still alive u/slapded?

I'll come get it this afternoon I just need to find a ride

It's impossible to get good help on shoots these days

If you're meeting them at a place that isn't your house, arrange to meet in a parking lot where there's an ATM. "You can just pull out the rest of the money right over there!"

I did that once, guy was pissed. Sold my old computer easily worth $600+ for only $400. Guy shows up with $250 and a Samsung galaxy s3 which to him "should make up the difference" (This was last year BTW) on a cash only trade. He starts yelling when I told him full cash or nothing and threatens me as I leave, good times.

Tell airplanes what to do

Followed by:

"Can you hold it until tomorrow? I don't have a truck but my sister's boyfriend's brother will arrive from Michigan/L.A./BFE with a truck and I'll definitely pick it up."

Tomorrow @ 11:59pm: [crickets chirping]. No missed calls.

I guess it depends on what you're selling, I usually sell electronics, like cell phones and camera equipment. So, I always get random electronics offered for trade. "Sorry bro, I'm not going to trade your GoPro for my brand new iPhone 7".

The other shit thing about CL is people that show up with less cash than what was agreed, "you said you wanted $800, but I only brought $750."

And you link the person to the one you bought for $100.. and they still want $150 for their one that looks like it got thrown down the stairs on an Aztec pyramid.

RIP u/slapded

In fairness, some fucking people think their used shit is worth way more than it should. I see used items on CL all the time that can currently be purchased on Amazon and shipped to my house for the same or less than these people want.

I don't give a shit that you bought it 2 years ago from a higher priced place for way more and bought the extended warranty!

shitBay doesn't follow it's own rules and policies.

Your profile still exists though

That is why they do this. It works. And if you give in they keep doing it. I refuse on general principle. I repost the item and if they get back with the right amount before it is sold, great. I would sooner set it on fire in front of them at that point.

I don't even put up a sign anymore.

No you wouldn't have, stop lying.

Put it in the front yard with a sign that says "$50" on it, it'll be gone by morning.

To be fair, this is a far better opening than "Want buy table!"

Deposits. Always take deposits to cover the material costs.

Lists everything they could possibly want to know in the ad

Asks stupid fucking questions that were already answered in the fucking ad

I put something for free one time. I sooo regret that. Had some real dandies show up. Now I put a price on it even if I planned on giving it away. If someone shows, they can have it. I just don't say it in the ad.

I'm not big into bartering so I see that and I just walk away. Just say what you want.

But what if you had a socially awkward neighbor who wanted it, but didn't want you to see them get it. You guys have the same work schedule. It's so uncomfortable to think about, but they always wanted one. The night you put it in the truck bed, they knew they had no more chances. No delay. Get. That. Sandbox!!

And just like that, Ned fulfilled his life long dream of having a sandbox.

I usually just give stuff away. It's not worth the headache to sell something for 20 dollars or whatever.

Never had a problem. I put it out front and say heres the address, if the ad is up it's still there. Usually within an hour it's gone

I did try to sell a meat slicer for like 30 bucks once. I got one for Xmas and had the old one and I'd rather it get used than thrown out. Lady settled on a price, I sent her the hours I'd be available for pickup for the whole week and got an entry email back saying she didn't have time to chase me down to buy something from me.

I explained I wasn't going to take an hour if leave from work and lose out on 70 dollars in pay to sell her a 30 dollar slicer. I threw the slicer out.

probably not a bad idea. It's amazing that the $5 difference in $0 vs $5 is so much greater than $25 vs $30...

For sale: Bugatti Veyron, price $1.5million firm.

"Mate, that's too much. This car's going for $2000, why should I buy yours?"

links to beaten-up Hyundai Excel

It's not that it's not funny, it's just that it's not even close to relevant to this comment string. A good joke is funny only when the delivery is perfectly timed.

Change price to $0 and save the trip.

"$150? I got 60 bucks, cash, right now."

Yup, you think datings hard in school? Wait til you're out in the real world and aren't surrounded by thousands of people your age and general situation. People get...desperate.

Also it's closely related friend:

In the ad: Pickup only. Buyer: Can you deliver it to [bumfuck nowhere]?

"Hi, I'm interested in the car you have listed for $1000. I was wondering when would be a good time for me to come by and look at it."

"The car sold a week ago."

Selling a running car worth $1500 for $800, Buyer - hey would you be willing to drive it to me 3hrs away so that my local BFE mechanic could inspect it ? Me - GTFO

I have never had a single person, who has attempted to negotiate before seeing an item, ever show up in 10 years.

I simply don't bother responding if people try to talk me down before seeing the item now.

Or followed by "I have 2 unmatched different size tires or a Sub box without an amp do you want to trade?"

Yeah, that's 100% of my Tinder/Bumble interactions. If it ever gets to the point of having agreed on a day, they stop replying.

Until today i could have said this never happened to me on OkCupid, but the person I'm supposed to go on a date with tomorrow hasn't replied to my text about setting a general location since we live pretty far apart, so this might be a sad first.

The sign was clearly up for grabs. Not so sure about the dresser though...

"Hello I see your item is for sale for $500. Would you take $75?". GRRRRR

I always write "THE PRICE IS NON-NEGOTIABLE" in the ad, and invariably, people will text me with "What's the lowest you'll take for it?

I had one lady who agreed to buy something for X amount of dollars before she came over. She then showed up 20 bucks short, apparently thinking I'd just be like "ehh, whatever." No. I told her to go get the rest of the money. So she went to a gas station then came back and complained to me about how they made her make a purchase before she could get the cash--as if it's my fault she was stupid enough to not bring the agreed upon amount of money.

Screw some wheels on the bottom of the furniture and strap the Mini Copper on top.

That's so that when people "bargain" them down to 40% of the asking price, those people can feel like they won and the seller gets the money they really wanted in the first place.

Maybe he should post an ad on craigslist.

Is this reference not funny anymore ?

I'd rather not sell it to those kinds of people.

Met my current wife on OKCupid, patience, it works...

"I will pay $100 above the asking price today for you to take the ad down and sell it to me. I will pay via pay pal, and have my courier agent pick it up."

god dam underpants gnomes!

Like new civic, highway miles only, bent roof perfect condition roof $27,000.

Or as a seller:

Minutes after you post Hey is your item available still?

No you won't scam me. Go away.

Had a guy try to trade me 3 used tires for a hard drive enclosure (Drobo). He also wanted me to drive 2.5 hours to make the deal.

I dunno, I saw a sign in a yard the other day that said "please bring back our table and chairs they weren't free"