Ragusa Ibla, Sicily, Italy

Ragusa Ibla, Sicily, Italy

Been there.

Really lovely.

No, it's Sicily

I was there in 2012. Everyone was saying that its not safe there. We had one of the best vacations ever driving from north to south and visiting different parts of the island. We arrived in Ragusa during some catholic celebration where a lot of Viva Maria confetti were lying on the ground ( https://www.flickr.com/photos/suffo/8144584929/in/album-72157631875572889/ and https://www.flickr.com/photos/suffo/8144618608/in/album-72157631875572889/) and fest with a trolley carrying a statue of Maria was pulled in accompaniment of music (https://www.flickr.com/photos/suffo/8144624080/in/album-72157631875572889/). For us the main attraction was to see the illuminated building from the main post (https://www.flickr.com/photos/suffo/8144593485/in/album-72157631875572889/). What I want to say generally is that Sicily is awesome where ever you are and it should be on 'to visit list' if not already there.

No more than usual, assuming you show normal prudence.

Titanic Exhibition offers relatable souvenirs for today's youth😂

Titanic Exhibition offers relatable souvenirs for today's youth😂

In some coming decade, fidget spinners are gonna make a come back for being "retro", and at that point someone will make a 9/11 fidget spinner and sell it near the ground zero site.

Why let it be someone, patent it now while it's still unethical!/s

If they were shaped like the titanic's propellors and brass coloured, they'd be pretty sweet tbh.

Video games aren't a great example to use here, as no one really sees them declining anytime soon.

when T_D is your reddit bae

when T_D is your reddit bae

Haha T_D is the only reason I'm here! Come for the Donald, stay for the spice!

Same here!

I am also here for The D.

Spicey AF

Man saves fox pup and gets a new friend

I've got some friends who took in a fox from a rescue charity. It lives in their basement and the house smells, how shall I put it? Distinctive. It's a nice animal, extremely shy, comes and goes as it pleases, doesn't bother the cat too much but the smell is eye-watering.

Oh holy fuck did that make my day quite brighter

"I'll follow you wherever you go ^_^"

Oh yeah, that's why dogs love to roll in grass which has been marked by a fox. It's such a pungent smell it completely masks their scent but god damn it stinks. My dogs will stink the entire ground floor of the house out if we don't wash them as soon as they get home after rolling in that shit.

How I feel watching the Alt-left reeeeeeee

How I feel watching the Alt-left reeeeeeee

People are acting like an honest to God holocaust is happening in the United States. I can't even imagine being that fucking stupid. I've thought about it a lot. I just can't find any reason to it.

It really blew my mind to realize how many people I've known for so long are just absolutely dumb as dog shit.

Am I living in a fantasy land where I'm blind to these atrocious nazi crimes that happen every day? I just don't get it.

Have yet to meet a Nazi or KKKer in all my life in the US, have met a lot of alt left scum bags.

Ask 60 year old neighbours to turn their music down at 11:30pm, met with threats shouted at me until 1:20am.

Ask 60 year old neighbours to turn their music down at 11:30pm, met with threats shouted at me until 1:20am.

My neighbours were having a party, i asked 4-5 times for the music to be turned down. To which they couldn't hear me, so i shouted "turn that fucking shit down and show some courtesy please" and for the remainder of the evening they turned the music off. However I was met with a barrage of threats to assault me, kill me and damage my property.

Just a typical Saturday night in England.

The way to play it is to let them have their loud drunken party. At 8am the next morning wake them up and make their hangover a living hell with some sort of power tool. My neighbour had a party going until 3am the other month. 4 hours later they were woken up with an air compressor starting up and their hangovers were a violation of the Geneva Convention as I used an air ratchet and impact gun to strip a V8 down to the bare block. I could have used hand tools, but I wanted them to suffer.

Do not apologise first, whatever you may have said doesn't give them the right to threaten you and your property. If they apologise then all is well, if not, then it's time to hit up Machine Mart.

i'm not that manly, i dont have power tools haha. I just hope they realise how childish they were, I will apologise for my language, but i guess it's whether they're willing to accept they could have handled it much better.

Threats to your life are cause for you to call the police.

Infact, you could have, and probably should have, called the police on 101 after your first attempt to ask them to quieten down.

The book I bought today had its original receipt.

The book I bought today had its original receipt.

Waldenbooks ceased operations: July 18, 2011


A... a library?

On July 18, 2011, Borders Group filed for liquidation to close all of its remaining Waldenbooks and other stores

Welp! End of 84 year business! I never knew you, but now I wish I did.

Waldenbooks is owned by Borders, which along with Barnes & Noble helped pioneer the book superstore concept.

All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot

Allied tanks advance through Normandy, 1944 (Colourised)

Allied tanks advance through Normandy, 1944 (Colourised)

reposting an extremely common repost, not even bothering to change the title

Are you that desperate for fake internet points?

No he's not, he's desperate for real fake internet points.

The way Americans are growing, Walmart is going to have to buy more electric shopping carts.


What're you even supposed to do about that?

What're you even supposed to do about that?

It's things like this that convinced me that I should ignore the reqs and just apply to the jobs I want.

As part of my job, I sit on hiring panels for an large international organisation, recruiting people at management and technical levels. No one meets all the requirements. The people who end up being hired probably meet 70% of the requirements. Different people have different profiles. Some are more qualified and experienced in some areas, some in others. It comes down to who is a good fit.

My advice, for whatever it's worth, is: 1. Apply for any job you think you can do, if you tick at least half of the requirements that's probably a good start. 2. In your CV and covering letter, tailor your profile so that it fits, as best you can, the needs of the role. The job description is relevant, as is your research into the ethos / mission of the organisation. 3. Appear like a decent, friendly-but-professional, likeable person.

Often when we get two candidates who are both equally but differently qualified, the third point will be the decisive one.

This is a publicly funded international non-profit in Europe. It might be different in other sectors and different parts of the world.

Oh I'm an idiot

Just wait five years

Huh, I never thought of that. How well has it worked so far?

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