Tough guy gets humbled.

He lift that guy off the ground? I thought that was just reserved for movies and TV shows lol

I was wondering that, I am going to say the guy was forced to go up onto tiptoes to try and stop his neck getting pulled up, rather than player number 3 actually lifting him with one hand off the floor.

I think I remember this actually being the other way around on the Liveleak video. The topless guy is bullying the other guy, hence it being filmed and topless guy finding it so funny, and the security guard/officer comes at the wrong time.

I could be wrong though.

My justice boner is ruined.

Resistance is futile.

Resistance is futile.

So Lo-cute-us.

"Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated"

Resistance is infantile

Coming this fall......Terminator Begins.

Ken M on polytheism

Ken M on polytheism

As a monoatheist I am disgusted by these pagan polyatheists

I think he's got this one totally wrong though. If we can't get life on earth to work for us, leaving earth won't save us. There is no place in the reachable universe that's better for human life than earth.

Stephen Hawking weirds me out. How he is, the things he's said, the things he's thought up and studied... It's like he's the void staring back at us or something.

Ugh!! There is, it's called Wendy's

Think about what you're doing when you park like a moron.

Think about what you're doing when you park like a moron.

is there a sub for shitty parking notes? does that even happen often enough to warrant a sub?

I post quality content and it never sees the light of day. I post silly stuff like this and people upvote it. You people do it to yourselves, not my fault💁🏼

That's some excellent copypasta

As often as it gets posted here, it ought to have its own sub.



someone calling me cute

That's not relatable at all

Toshinou Kyouko!

No, she said "QT." Like this.

No, she said "QT." Like

It's not cutie?

Still alive bitch

Still alive bitch

screenshotted at 1am with 5% battery lmao

Charge your damn cake

And mans on airplane mode

that's not the right usage of the meme man lmao

My favourite South Park joke

My favourite South Park joke

I'm not a miner dumbass, you see a shovel in my hand?

Midgets piss me off.

(Me too)

At that point it's no longer a penis. It's a foot.

I always loved how they pretty much kept "most" of their 3rd/4th grade innocence.

Cop interrupts a bully.

Cop looks just like Bruno Mars in my opinion

He lift him with one hand.

yeah but seven feet taller, Bruno Mars is like -3 feet.

iirc last time this was posted, the shirtless kids were actually making fun of the kid in the uniform for having a job or something? And he was actually retaliating. Then the cop just sees this part and assumes the uniformed kid is the bully. Could be wrong though.

Oh look.. a human.

Oh look.. a human.

You forgot ,,,¡ǝɯ ʞɔ!d 'oN,,

"Pick me!" "No, pick me!" "Nah, pick me!" "No, pick me!"

One of them can't tell which way is up Only just noticed that one is in the wrong group cause all the ones above them are facing with the black parts down

Reminds me of the little alien squeakers from Toy Story. "The clawwwwwww".

Alert bus driver, Duane Butler, helps a lost boy be reunited with his family

Father of 3 children here, all of whom learned to break out from their cribs almost as soon as they could walk. This man is a great human.

On a handful of occasions I've either woken up just in time to keep my escaped toddler from falling down some stairs, or come home to find my kid standing in the street after putting their caretaker to sleep during an attempted nap.

I'm a good parent, so is my wife, and so are my parents and in-laws. But you can't do it all, and it takes very little for a kid to get themselves into some serious trouble at this age.

The other day, I walking into Kmart and noticed a little boy about this age walking in the opposite direction, alone. Parents recognize the danger in lots of places it's not needed, like a parent just letting their kid walk ahead of them a bit. So I stopped and waited, and sure enough, the kid was alone and starting to cry, by walking directly for the parking lot.

I'm a brown guy, and I'm cautious of picking up strangers kids so as not to alarm anyone, but I knew it would only take a moment for the parent to figure it out. Sure enough, only took about 90 seconds for the worried parent to come trotting around the corner. Fortunately, because I'm a parent and have had it happen to me, I was not judging the guy, smiled and told him I remember those years...

But it only takes a few moments out of your day, and could mean a child doesn't have a terrible accident. It's worth the risk of getting a dirty look from a judgey parent to double-check a kid is safe.

Edit: Thanks for the gold!

It's worth noting that the kid climbed out of his house, all by himself, on Independence Day.

You're a good person and parent!


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