[Haiku] /sub/youtubehaiku posters be like

[Haiku] /sub/youtubehaiku posters be like


Where are the box with the shitty anime reposts, or the one with SFM that everybody already saw a 100 times, or the one with the video that takes 30 random seconds from streamers or whatever ?

Reminds me of this.

sorry, i don't drink shit.

(ngl i was gonna put SFM on one)

Some call it Europe, we call it home! (r/alleu)

Some call it Europe, we call it home! (r/alleu)

Tbh I could see that exactly same sign used in anti-EU protests.

I live in the Netherlands i call it the Netherlands.

Looks like we need trigger warnings for hijabs lest we want some people get a keyboard stroke.

Why is this comment section so bad?

Barcelona Pickpocket Hunter

Barcelona Pickpocket Hunter

Had a bag stolen on the first day of a holiday in Barcelona, spent the next two in the police station waiting for translators to make statements and the rest of the trip not being able to relax. Sucked big time. This woman is doing a great service.

She's the hero!

Other common pickpocketers styles: if you have a backpack and you're on an escalator/entry door/narrow and crowded passage, somebody will push your focus on the backpack with a stupid trick (like spit on it and dry their own spit right after), while another guy in the front will search your (inner and outer) pokets the moment you turn around.

They're the experts in their job, so the best advice is: always close your jackets/bags, don't travel with jewelry and famous brand clothing, use your cheap unfancy mobile, keep your stuff safe but "scattered" in your baggage (not all your documents together, cash cards and copies aside) in less accessible places.

Everyday advice: try to make your payments/transactions in closed areas, not in the open (if in an open market, just stick to the cash register to get the right price and receipts), don't show cash/don't leave cash unattended, not even in a shop, on the hands of the cashier who's lending you change.

Hope it helps!

Edit: if you travel by car, and are alone, lock the passenger doors and put your bags in the trunk. Many vehicles have a security feat that doesn't allow to open the trunk if you are in the car, anyway it takes more effort to open up the trunk than the passenger door, another method used by robbers to steal documents and valuables.

Ah fuck it, that's too complicated. I'll just sit here in my chair.

"Barcelona is ranked as one of the worst cities for pickpockets."

Shouldn't it be ranked one of the best? For pickpockets?

Where is Nazeem?

Where is Nazeem?

Check the Jarl's backside. That's usually where he stuffs himself these days.

I'll bet you he's in the cloud district...

sigh Another wanderer, here to lick my father's ass. Good job.

But OP has probably never been there

I'm fucking TIRED of the fucking WAR on drugs. Jeff Sessions Demands "Strongest Possible Charges" For Drug Users. Fuck Jeff Sessions, and Fuck the War on Drugs

I'm fucking TIRED of the fucking WAR on drugs. Jeff Sessions Demands "Strongest Possible Charges" For Drug Users. Fuck Jeff Sessions, and Fuck the War on Drugs

Fuck private prison lobbyists.

Isn't it amazing that even though illicit drug use is apparently such a high priority issue for the nation that we don't drug test politicians…or lobbyists…or the bankers managing our economies…?

Punishment should not be incentivized. Ever. If prisons cost too much, let's find out why we jail so many citizens and alleviate those ills rather than putting bandaids on bulletwounds.

Get these old ass, closed minded, bought off, baby boomers out of office!

WrEcKlEsS FaTHeRs KnOcKs BoUlDeR oUt Of a TrEe AnD cRuShEs SoNs SkUlL

Let's just set you riiiiiiiight here...

That little girl on the left was definitely casting a spell to make that happen.

All according to plan.

He positioned her perfectly so she'll get hit right in the face with the ball. Reminds me of my father.

Major League Faceball

Major League Faceball

Exhibit A here shows a wonderful reason to wear a mouth guard.

Even with one I doubt it'd help much when you catch a fastball directly in your mouth.

Now that's what I call Big League Chew

That's not what a mouth guard is for. Mouth guards are for when you take a blow to the head they prevent you from slamming your teeth shut and giving yourself a concussion.

JasonR half blind ace

JasonR half blind ace
JasonR half blind ace

a l0op ace

no webcam face zoom, 9/10.

Some might say he's a temp, But he's a perm in my heart.

Braille Rubik's Cube

Braille Rubik's Cube

For when you want to have a go at this Rubik's cube thing, but don't want others to see how little progress you're making.

Now they need to make a Rubix cube for deaf people!

Edit It's a joke people. Geez.

Mom will finally be proud of me...

And one for the color blind.

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