When you're double bamboozled

When you're double bamboozled



Yeah during a livestream at his CD signing. You dun fucked up son

If another one were to drop, this subreddit should collectively buy u/CousinTyrone a signed vinyl of DAMN.

...no comment




I've dubbed this the anime_irl effect.

If you watch anime, it will appear here.

It's been happening to me for decades.

I legit watched this episode for the first time today, weird.

Uh oh

xkcd 1827: Survivorship Bias

xkcd 1827: Survivorship Bias

When a successful webcomic is trying to lecture you about survivorship bias, they are just trying to keep your hands off their webcomic millions! To the sketchpads!

If you stick with it, you can argue with ANYTHING.


Also, a comic just after midnight? Damn I miss these days.

Bo Burnham had a similar sentiment
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Hover text: They say you can't argue with results, but what kind of defeatest attitude is that? If you stick with it, you can argue with ANYTHING.

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Hover text: They say you can't argue with results, but what kind of defeatest attitude is that? If you stick with it, you can argue with ANYTHING.

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Oh, Bernie... Give us a break.

Oh, Bernie... Give us a break.

He's says this just a couple days after Obama and Michelle were photographed on board Oprah's super yacht the 'Rising Sun.' Price tag=$200 million+

Sanders is the champagne socialist.

White people don't know what it's like to be poor

What about all those countries where socialists failed them?

Three homes around $600k each is pretty reasonable, right? HE FLYS COACH GUYS, WHAT A MAN OF THE PEOPLE!

Human cardiovascular system

Human cardiovascular system

Can you imagine how much painstaking work some poor bastard had to do in order to bring us this sight?

"Alright Johnson I want a complete diorama of the human cardiovascular system."

"Alright so main arteries, veins and-"

"I think you misheard me. Not the most vital or some arbitrary percentage of the system. I want the entire system."

"...S-surely you can't be serious."

"I'm always serious. And don't call me Shirley."

I went to the Bodies exhibit in Las Vegas where they had the same type of display.

They said that the way this is formed is by injecting a liquid plastic into the bloodstream of a corpse and pumping it through, then letting it set and harden.

Later, they use a corrosive chemical tht eats away the human body parts, leaving just the plastic that had set into all of the bloodstream and this is the result.

Pretty sure this from the "Bodies" exhibit. It would be Polymerized Blood vessels. Seeing this, the horse, and the neurological system was really amazing to see in person.

Yeah I'd like to donate my body to science!

Wait what are they going to do to me again?

The difference between R32, R33, and R34 GTRs.

The difference between R32, R33, and R34 GTRs.

I've seen a lot of discussion in light of the R34 GTR one-take and while it is true that the engine is mostly the same from ~1992 to 2002 it really isn't reasonable to say that the R32 and R34 GTR are "mostly" the same car.

It would be too complicated to do a thorough description of the R32 GT-R so I’m not going to bother with that. Instead, we’ll start with what changed from the R32 GTR to the R33 GTR. At a high level, despite a small bump in boost (0.7 bar to 0.85 bar) the R33 GT-R was a good 20 seconds faster than the R32 GT-R at the Nurburgring.



These two links as well as a few books I’ve seen detail fairly well what changed between the two generations. The first major change was aerodynamics. The R32 GT-R, like many street cars, has a positive coefficient of lift on the front of the car. This means that as speed increases, the front tires unload. Part of this is because air that went into the engine bay for cooling doesn’t have a way out of the engine bay, which causes the lifting effect. The R33 GT-R’s coefficient of lift was 0.09 while the R32 GT-R’s coefficient of lift was 0.20. The coefficient of drag was decreased to 0.35 as well.

The second major change was rigidity. One of the obvious examples of this were the front and rear strut tower bars. Other reinforcements included the rear seat panel, a thicker floorpan, a front cross bar, a floor tunnel stay, and triple cross bar in the rear to join the rear subframe mounting points. The triple cross bar is shared with the R34 GTR with some extra brackets for a rear diffuser. The brake pedal mounts, B-pillar, and side sills were also reinforced. These changes and more improved body twist rigidity by 40% over the R33 GTS and 150% over the R32 GTR. The front suspension was also changed to an A-shaped upper arm from the I shape of the R32 GT-R which improved lateral rigidity by 90%.

The third major change was weight distribution and packaging. The RB26DETT is a boat anchor of an engine and in these Skyline GT-Rs a manual transmission was used so the transfercase and transmission are sitting right under the center console. You can feel the parts of the frame that intrude in on the passenger footwell specifically to make room for these things. A whole laundry list of things were done to improve weight distribution including:

Relocating the battery to the trunk

Reducing the size of the fuel tank from 72L to 65L, making it out of plastic, and pushing it under the rear seats

Changing the four wheel steer mechanism from hydraulic to electric (Super HICAS)

Hollowing out the side door beams

Increased use of high tensile strength steel

Strategic removal of sound deadening material

Hollowing out the rear anti-roll bar

Reducing the size of the ABS actuators

Aluminum engine mount insulators and brackets

Lighter plastic on the headlights, bumpers, airbox, headliner, and spoiler

This resulted in a weight distribution of 55/45 and much of the weight was pushed towards the center of gravity, which reduced the moment of inertia relative to the R32 GT-R, which had a 60/40 weight distribution. It is also worth mentioning that the Super HICAS on the R33 was a lot safer at the limit as it added a yaw sensor and a look-up table to determine how much 4WS to apply.

The fourth major change was the ATTESA map. Rather than the abrupt map of the R32, the R33 starts to lock up the transfer case much earlier to try and catch slides earlier. Improved sensors were used as well (although all of these sensors are garbage compared to modern MEMS).

Brakes on the R33 GT-R were carried over from the R32 GT-R VSpec. Wheels were new and designed to reduce unsprung mass.

There are a lot of other changes to the suspension as well such as spring rate, LSD setup, dampening setup, and others. This is already a long post so I'll cut this short and talk about what changed from the R33 to R34 GT-R.

From the R33 to the R34 GT-R, at a high level not as much changed. It's important to remember that Nissan was approaching bankruptcy during the development of the R34 GT-R and if you read some of the engineer retrospectives it was clear that the R34 GT-R project scope was drastically scaled down due to budget cuts. Watanabe was the head of the project and wanted an aluminum block V6 which was proposed by Kazutoshi Mizuno but they were forced to keep the RB26 with minor changes instead. Unofficially I’ve found the R34 GT-R’s Nurburgring time listed around 7:52.

The first major change was aerodynamics (are you seeing a theme yet?). The R33 GT-R, while much better than the R32 GT-R, still had front lift. The R34 GT-R basically fixed this problem. If you leave the rear spoiler untouched, the front lift coefficient was 0.01. The use of a front undertray and a rear diffuser dramatically increased downforce. The R34 also got a multi-element rear wing which allowed for less turbulent drag when increasing the angle of attack. The standard R34 GT-R lacked these pieces though, which meant that it had much less downforce all around, roughly comparable to the R33 GT-Rs.

The second major change was rigidity. Using a “multi-road simulator”, probably some sort of CAD model, reinforcements strategically placed at the trunk rear wall and C pillar and probably a lot of other changes that were never found helped increase bending stiffness by 56% and torsional rigidity by 100%. To keep weight down, a lighter battery was specced as well as aluminum alloy wheels.

The third major change was the transmission. The Getrag V160 was much more durable and allowed for closer ratios. To really get the best out of it though you would want to change the final drive to 3.692 (Tomei) or 3.916 (Nismo).

The R34 GT-R was mostly a lot of small details improved. For example, the front lower suspension arms were now a single piece made of aluminum which cut 2.5kg of unsprung mass from the car. Later models received larger rear brakes.

All models of the R34 GT-R had new ball bearing ceramic turbochargers which were far more durable with 1 bar of boost for more power, along with a new intercooler and new exhaust turbo outlets which were 2.8kg lighter than the R33 equivalents.

The exhaust system also had a spring-loaded valve which helped to increase exhaust gas velocity below 4000 RPM and opened up to reduce backpressure at higher RPMs.

A new air dam and skirt design at the front of the wheel arches helped to generate a low pressure zone to pull air from the brakes and engine bay, with up to 50C delta in brake temperatures relative to the R33 GT-R.

A new actuator and ABS control unit were also installed, along with reinforced brake pedal and booster mount. I’m actually not sure if this is necessarily new as I’ve found notes that detail how late R33s had similar changes. The ATTESA transfercase also got lighter due to the use of a new narrow chain design.

Suspension changes were seen across the board such as stiffer rear lower A-arms, harder rubber bushings. Lateral stiffness was improved by 30%, camber stiffness by 25% relative to the R33.

Super HICAS also got a major overhaul of the control unit which has a model following feedback control system. There are academic papers on the subject out there but this is out of the scope of this post.

That about covers it. The variants like the Z-Tune are for another day and have a massive array of changes.

Edit: Fixed "allow" wheels + "...R33 was better than R34..." regarding front lift

Nice write-up, you deserve all the upvotes just for the effort. It annoys me when people say/think that the R32, 33 and 34 are pretty much facelifts of the same car, there were a lot of improvements made in so many areas, and even the power went up significantly despite the official rating remaining, due to the automakers' "gentlemans agreement" in Japan, at 276bhp. I think the guy in the One Take said his was something like 360whp almost stock

The R34 ceramic turbos are the best but I wouldn't push them too hard as ceramic exhaust wheels can require a complete engine rebuild if they go the wrong way when they inevitably explode.

They can achieve around 400 horsepower though with everything appropriately upgraded.

Edit: That 400 HP figure is only with 98 RON fuel. If you're in California and have 91 AKI only, expect less power.

Cheers for that - interesting.

God I love the R32. As a kid I was all about the 308/328, Countach, F40, Diablo and so on. And then along comes this Japanese rocket-ship when I was watching Aussie touring cars. The Gibson Motorsport / Winfield cars driven by Mark Skaife and Jim Richards... I became obsessed.

If I had £45k for a classic car right now I know what I'd be buying: http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201701211529477

Completely original and only 9k miles. Unbelieveable.

That's a great write-up.

A huge reason why Nissan had so many issues with the R32 (high front lift, torsional twisting, yadda yadda) is because the R32 was pushed to meet homologation rules for group A circuit racing. The actual racecar RB26 made 550-600ish wheel HP, had a full cage to completely stiffen the car, improved spring rates, a dry sump system, full spherical suspension and aero.

Taco tells a story

Taco tells a story
Taco tells a story

This might be one of the best streams I have ever seen. So much more fun compared to other tournament stream IMO

Taco is that guy who doesn't talk too much but when he does it's always golden.

beyond the summit tournaments are so casual yet show some great high-level play, it's a good break between the tournament vibe

Who knew Taco was so funny

Truck driver doesn't notice that they are dragging a car down the freeway.

Can't beat that gas mileage though

"Hey! Get him to stop!"

"You know how hard it is to drive and record at the same time?"

Drafting level: Expert

I know, it's insane right? What a brain dead idiot. Turn your camera horizontally you tool.

This horse has a full grown mustache

This horse has a full grown mustache

All I can imagine is old time-y people selectively breeding horses to have matching mustaches

Everything I know about the 1800s suggest this actually happened.

Bonjour, Monsieur

Idk why but this is really unsettling to me...

I took this old gal to California and she got to see the ocean for the first time.

I took this old gal to California and she got to see the ocean for the first time.

Wonder if the size of the ocean even registers. That'd be cool.

Animals might realize it in a different, but more complete way than we do.

Thank you, person.

Kind eyes

That's great, did she enjoy it?

Edit: Thanks for the gilding!

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