Considering all I got was belittled at my last job, this means a lot.

Considering all I got was belittled at my last job, this means a lot.

That's a good feeling, isn't it? Especially if the people up top are noticing. It's small things like this that give you some validation if for no other reason than to boost your confidence at work.

My school's bathroom has a new "wash your hands" sign

My school's bathroom has a new "wash your hands" sign

So then Peeing = Touching Dicks - Holding Hands ?

Isn't math magical

Can I skip directly to the touching dicks part?

It's the closest thing I'll ever get to having sex

I don't want to do this for 30 more years

I don't want to do this for 30 more years

Well that's a pretty strong confession bear right there.

Your sister is a fucktard. $1200/week is like $62k per year. That's more than some people make from a full time job.

If she had half a brain she'd either work part time and use this freedom to pursue non-lucrative interests with the extra free time (IE go explore the world, learn new things, study, whatever) or just get a job and put the trust fund money into investments to build up a nest egg.

Even if she was going to just spend it and enjoy life (which isn't totally invalid, even if it is unwise) she should realize how fucking lucky she is to have a full income just appear out of thin air.

You REALLY want to let someone else deal with this for many reasons.

Most of all. Lets say she survives, continues her spending, or more probably increase it. How long will her trustfund last? What do you think will go through her mind the day you go "it's empty, all your money is gone. You spent it all" ? I know. She will go after you for stealing her money. Must have, you have so much money left and she has none right? No matter if she believes it or not, she may do this. She already seems used to not doing anything useful, you think that she will get a job the day she runs out of money or go after you in some way?

Unless you want to risk "paying her back" a big portion of the money she's spending, you should really look into covering your own back here.

She will go after you for stealing her money. Must have, you have so much money left and she has none right?

This happened with my father and his brother. My uncle invested and lost most of his trust fund in a scam. Years later he shows up on my parent's door step with his suitcase. They were both old men at the time and my dad was happy to see him. My parents were living in the old family home that my dad bought from my grandparents. It was his fair and square. One day dad goes outside and sees my uncle talking to some guy. He walks up just in time to hear my uncle tell the guy that half of everything he sees is his. He'd like to borrow against it. My dad about blew a gasket. Turns out my uncle was telling everyone, including his kids, that my dad scammed him out of half the estate/trustfund and he came back to lay claim to it. People believed him. Even people in town. They were letting him make charges to the house account even though he didn't have the authority. It was a mess. My uncle died shorty there after and one of my cousin's brought up the topic of how to divide the estate. My parents had to explain that their dad never owned it. My father had used part of his trust to buy it before his parents died. Their dad wasted his half of the trust and it was all gone. Turns out my uncle told his kids that my dad had taken everything from him. They believed their dad like most kids would. My parents ended up having to pay for my uncles funeral. The whole situation was sad.

OPs sister will absolutely think that something unfair happened that's why she has no money while her sibling does. It can't be that one was responsible and the other wasn't.


Good Guy Green Day Gives Kid His Moment in the Spotlight

Good Guy Green Day Gives Kid His Moment in the Spotlight

They do this at every show and it's awesome every time

They've been doing this since at least 2002 when I first saw them.

Billy Joe is an angel.

The first time I saw them, they called 3 people on stage - 1 for each instrument, and they crushed it

Friends looking at the terrarium

It annoys me so much more than it should that we never get to see what they're looking at.

The gay guys on the mountain

The gay guys on the mountain

Sam to Frodo: "I wish i knew how to quit you"

TIFU by choking on an orange during an important work meeting.

TIFU by choking on an orange during an important work meeting.

One hour ago I experienced this. I am currently sitting in the bathroom wallowing in shame. So at my job I am being considered for a promotion and need to act my very best and put on my smarty pants to wow everyone. A meeting is set up with my boss, my boss's boss, and a few other higher ups so I can give a presentation about my teams progress and ideas of future steps to take. There is a big platter of all sorts of fruit in the middle of the table. Nervous me thinks that I will look more relaxed and confident if I eat something (false) so I grab an orange slice. I peel off the skin and pop that bad boy in my mouth with such confidence I completely bypass my teeth and it slides right down my windpipe. At this point the meeting had already started and it was just moments before I stood up to present and literally all thoughts of everything leave my head as my adrenaline kicks in that I am choking on an orange and I am going to die in the middle of this room. I stand up (which knocks my rolling chair back which smacks into a water cooler and cracks the base), and instead of giving myself the Heimlich which I thought was engrained in my head, I reach my hand down the back of my throat to grab that son of a bitch. My brain focuses on getting it out only so I don't realize I have scratched the inside of my mouth in my quest and I am bleeding. After a couple seconds (what felt like a lifetime) I grab the orange, pull it out and fling it across the room... straight into the eye of my boss's boss... who then proceeds to freak out since the acidity of the citrus juice from the fruit is burning his eye. I squeak out "Sorry!" And squirt a glob of blood from my mouth onto the fruit platter....

Needless to say the meeting was cancelled shortly after that. I am sitting in the bathroom terrified to leave.

TL;DR- important meeting for me, choke on orange, crack water cooler, throw orange from throat into bosses eye, burns his eye, spits blood on fruit platter. Awaiting my termination. Searching for new jobs soon...

Edit: Wow! Did not expect this to blow up like it did (thanks for the gold oh sweet stranger!) I'm glad many of you had a laugh at my miserable morning. Thanks for all the hilarious comments. I had initially gone to the bathroom to tend to my wounded mouth which was just a minor flesh wound on the inside of my cheek. I ended up smoothing things over by apologizing profusely and made a few bad jokes along the lines of "I had a bad case of the Mondays." The wounded eye boss man was very grumpy and I was a joke for my coworkers the rest of the day(foreseeing now the rest of my career there). I ended up doing the presentation a little after "the incident" and it went fairly well, all things considered, so hopefully when they are thinking later of promoting someone they think of the crazy blonde chick who threw up bloody orange on the boss.

Get out there and face it. It will only be bad if you act cowardly and try to hide from it. Stand up straight and look everyone in the eye.

Comey confirms probe of Russian meddling in election, links to Trump associates

Comey confirms probe of Russian meddling in election, links to Trump associates

The question I have is that if said probe finds anything directly linking DT or his close associates to Russia, will the Republicans put country before party and call for removal/impeachment? From what I've seen so far it's obvious lil Donnie isn't very interested in actually governing, which puts the Republicans in Congress in a great position to use him as their rubber stamp for whatever executive orders/legislation they push through. Then again if Donnie Tiny Hands is removed, Pence might not be much better in terms of governing.

Very interesting situation, eager to see if anything comes of it.

The republicans will never put country before party because they have no loyalty to the country or its people. All loyalty goes to their bastardized interpretation of the Bible, cult of wealth worship, and the party.

'Christian, conservative, republican. In that order.'

All three of which come before 'American', with the traitor conservatives.

You can bet all the T_D fanatics who praised Comey for his astounding, unprecedented interference in the presidential election will be trashing him now.

As a democrat, I can firmly say comey just proved he is above partisan politics when it comes to his job.

Anon has a valid point

Anon has a valid point

That's why NPR did away with their comments section. A pede would throw an occasional truth-bomb into their liberal circle jerk and all hell would break loose.

We are the counter culture and they can't stand that.

Leftists don't have ideas, they have feels.

Yup it's funny to me. When I was a teenager: smoking, drinking, piercings, tattoos= rebellious counter culture. As an adult: logical and factual arguments= rebellious counterculture, racist, (insert word that has lost all meaning)phobic. Fuck I was pre edgy and didint even know it...

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