"Polaren man alltid ville leka hos efter skolan" Starter Pack

"Polaren man alltid ville leka hos efter skolan" Starter Pack

Jahapp, här nånstans slog det mig att jag nog numera är att ses som rätt gammal... #30plus

Well, that TF2 Scout mains... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It's always someone who can heal themselves, or is already being healed that takes the damn med packs.

Not job hopping hurts a career, not the other way around

Not job hopping hurts a career, not the other way around

Get hired, totally motivated, see a good future. 1 year on and you're doing more than asked and you can almost smell that promotion/schedule/raise that's been dangled in front of you the whole time. This is it. 6 months later you've heard the "reasons" that right now the company can't give you what you want. Disillusioned other opportunities start to entice you. You find a job paying more, with better hours or that you believe will actually promote you. You give your 2 weeks. 10 days later company makes offer to keep you.

Since this has happened to me many times and I've choosen to stay and leave at this point with different companies here's what happens next.

You stay but you still feel disillusioned by the whole thing. What is your value? You're not treated like you earned what you got, more lile NOW you must earn what you got.

You leave and this happens again at the next company. The job you took looked enticing but you were comparing it to an employer who squeezed you as hard as they could with lies. You start to notice this pattern repeat itself again.


[EU] The Dragonborn has finally died. Unfortunately, he's sold his soul to ALL the Daedric Princes.

[EU] The Dragonborn has finally died. Unfortunately, he's sold his soul to ALL the Daedric Princes.

The flags around the shrine blew in the breeze, tattered and tarnished by the harsh winds of Skyrim. The statue atop the cairn kept its impassive glare, a sentinel gazing out at the wide skies and snow-scattered fells of the inhospitable land.

"Must we meet here? It's far too chilly. Not to mention cliche." Sanguine was already stretched out on the only fur rug, slowly rubbing a rose-tipped staff against a scratch, wondering if his louche pose had put him a little too close to Peyrite.

"Seems cosy to me," Malacath retorted, as a reed-slip figure slithered from the shadows behind.

"Personally I'd have preferred to meet at night."

"And that is not for you to decide, Nocturne. We all have a claim to this one." As always, Azura was right. That's why nobody liked Azura. Azura was always right. "And, given that my gift to this one was to hold souls..."

"Then you've had enough fun. Your claim is void." Clavicus Vile grinned, petting his loyal toy, sat at his side. "Isn't that right, Hermy?"

A shapeless voice sighed in the air. "Indeed. As is Hircine's. The hunt is over.

"You just want her for yourself," Mephala laughed. "We decided not to listen to you before this meeting."

"We?" Hermaeus Mora said, irritated, the hollow, echoing cry resounding around the cairn, fuming there was something it did not know. Mephala continued.

"Boethiah, Nocturnal and I. I'm surprised Vaermina didn't warn you about it."

"Enough bickering!" A warrior stood up, pulling a weapon. "He's mine, and I'll smash anyone who denies it."

"Oh really? COME AT ME, BROTHER!" Mehrunes Dagon rose, squaring up to Molag Bal's claims of enslavement.

"Oh, don't be so boreish," Sanguine yawned, momentarily distracted from some activity behind him. The other princes frowned, only now noticing that Namira had slithered up beside the prince, and was no doubt teaching Hermaeus Mora something new.

"Indeed," Azura said, bringing the matter to the task at hand. "This is getting us nowhere. If we do not decide, it will. Or Him."

"It? And who's it?" Mephala was having fun again.

"Sithis," the figureless voice said. "Or Talos. Indeed, she already visited Sovngarde."

That's when a laugh shut them all up. A laugh that could belong to only one figure. "Oh, look at you all arguing and blathering away, fiddle-de-de-fiddle-de-do. Sanguine's right, for once in his debauched life. So boring, I'm inclined to give you a hit of the wabberjack."

The others backed away. Even Mehrunes Dagon seemed concerned. Bloodbaths were his business, but if he knew one thing, it was that you didn't mess with crazy.

"Now, you're all forgetting one thing," the Lord of Madness continued. "And that's order. Oh, I know, who am I to be jibbering about that? Hmm? HAHAHA! Well, without a little chaos now and then, you get... you get you-know-who. You want him back? You want Jyggalag? I don't! No no no, not now, not ever, keep it out of my realm, thank you kindly! So that means you can all keep your hands, horns, claws, fingers, tentacles and gaseous tendrils away from her! Because otherwise we're going to have Mr Buzzkill back in the realms."

Azura stiffened. "What do you propose?"

"Propose?" Sheogorath cackled. "Already did!"


Away from the cairn, away from it all, the future Dragonborn was shaken awake, slowly coming to, the chill mist hanging in the air, the creaking rhythms of the cart resounding in his or her ear. They recognised, vaguely, the stormcloak in front. Recognised, vaguely, the fated horse thief and the mouth-bound Jarl. Recognised, though everything was different. Everything was a little sharper, a little crisper, a little deeper in colour. Gone were the personal touches that had once filled the world, absent the jokes and the unbridled creativity. Tamriel felt reborn and repurposed once again.

Slowly, Helgen's walls began to loom through the fog, and the wagon turned down on its fated path once more.

"We start again," Sheogorath explained, a voice too distant to be heard. "I call it the Remastered Edition."

me irl

me irl

Amazing what artists can do with just a bit of cloth nowadays

Corgi spears camera!

Relentless corgi or perfect loop???

Paladins trying to advertise on this sub...

I saw someone post about this same thing yesterday:

This is what I wrote:

That's not an ad for paladins. That's a site that rewards you for questing/playing games. It's actually not that bad, I've seen it before. Just so happens to be Paladins being advertised by the site, and maybe Overwatch will come soon. I believe the Overwatch API isn't public so it's harder to set up to monitor when the quests are complete.

TL;DR: Not an ad for Paladins, it's an ad for a website.

How many here without a Dragonite, Lapras or Snorlax?

How many here without a Dragonite, Lapras or Snorlax?

Level 24. I see all these gyms around me that are full of these 3 Pokemon and it feels awful that I have reached a decent enough level but still haven't seen or caught one. Who else here doesn't have these 3?

EDIT : I feel like this post is immense proof that this game really needs trading. Look at all of us willing to trade in for something else that we need.

Lvl 35 no Lapras and no lickithung

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