here we see Betsy DeVos holding up her qualifications

here we see Betsy DeVos holding up her qualifications

Devos believes in an invisible god, why not also invisible qualifications?

Too bad invisible checks can not be cashed. To get a cabinet position under Donnie, you have to bribe (I mean make a legal compaign contribution to) him with a million dollars

Good lord, that woman's smiling face is ingrained into my memory.

You know, the smile face she had during the hearings.

The "why are you asking me these questions, this is already bought and paid for" face.

Now that's edgy

When your home has no AC

this must look terrifying to Koreans

I do this by tucking in my top sheet and putting a box fan on the other end. It makes a neat little tent where you can eat carrot sticks and watch hardcore pornography.

Hey man, fan death is a real thing. Just look at what happened to John Lennon.

Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well.

Dogs realize Grandma is in the house

Those dogs are HUGE!! omg

I love that failed first attempt to jump on the bed by that one dog.

yeah... they're quite husky

someone might stop overfeeding their dogs....


Someone spray painted on those stars...

Someone spray painted on those stars...

The description on IMDB:

"Amy Schumer claims all good comedians have a "leather special" a special when they wear all leather and regret it later in their careers, this is her's"

It's rated very poorly on IMDB, so maybe she already regrets it.

I don't think Eddie Murphy regrets his Raw or Delirious even a bit.

The issue I have with her is that her sets lack flow and are shoved with a bunch of meh one liners that ruin the timing and buildup of the eventual punchline. It is like watching the standup version of Two Broke Girls.

I'd just finished watching the second hour of the Dave Chappelle special, and then fired this up, never having watched or heard Amy Schumer's comedy before. I turned it off after less than 10 minutes. Just plain awful and unfunny.

Can we send some love to our man Corey Stewart???

Can we send some love to our man Corey Stewart???

Lmao that was from the ama he did here. Go Corey!

Why is that AMA not in the sidebar?

What a based Mother Tucker! GET HIM A COAT, AND SOME BRICKS AND SHIT!

If you didn't want to be labeled a Cuckservative you shouldn't have been a cuck to begin with!



I'm a simple man, I see 28-3 I upvote

I've never been more blessed then to have my birthday today.

Thanks man

Ahhh I'm dumb. Just realized my birthday is on 3-28. These numbers will forever be with me!

Where women glow and men plunder!

Where women glow and men plunder!


It was so unexpected, I had to read it twice because my brain made up the rest of the story and my eyes didn't agree.

Interestingly, the story is mostly true:

Besides the killing. Obviously.

You know what's scary to me, is what if someone reads this joke version with the real guy's picture, and meets him IRL on a cliff. It could easily inspire some terrified person to shove this man off the edge "before he can kill them".

I mean, it's funny. But I feel like using a real heroic person's actual photo, and repeating most of their story, and then using these real things to defame someone - saying they're doing the opposite, is not responsible or kind to the man.

Any picture of a guy on a cliff fits the joke, so why not use a stock photo? He saved 160 people. He should be known for that. Not become some creepy meme.

125 pounds later.. I've lost a whole person!

125 pounds later.. I've lost a whole person!
125 pounds later.. I've lost a whole person!

125 lbs? I seem to have found them. Let me know if you want them back. I could definitely do without them :p


EDIT: Now that I know that everyone wants them I'm keeping them. In fact I may start amassing more. MWAHAHAHAHA

Woah, I forgot how much laughing takes out of me. I really should go punch a gym. That's how it works, right?

You look awesome, congrats 😊

Good on ya!

EDIT: Yeah, fuck me for trying to be encouraging. Who the fuck do I think I am?

She did, a year ago, when she first lost 125 pounds -

I really wish Nintendo would make a Gamecube Joy-Con variant.

I really wish Nintendo would make a Gamecube Joy-Con variant.

Packaged with the remaster Mario sunshine.

The year is 2076 and Nintendo are still being harassed by smash players to create a GameCube compatible controller

I'm still upset that we never got Sunshine's "Mario 64 DS." I want one with another shine in every level, with a couple new worlds, and with playable Luigi and Wario, hopefully even Waluigi this time. And all those mini games, damn.

Let them make more Switch first before starting on unique variations.

Witness me.... WITNESS ME!!!

Who the hell put these next to each other?

That owl is having none of his shenanigans.

I watched an owl in a tree yesterday. A huge gust of wind strikes the tree, and the owl sits there on his now rapidly moving perch. It's as if the world around it doesn't exist, even as the branch it sits on moves unreasonable distances to and fro. That's when I knew owls are spaced tf out.

This is my wife and I having a discussion.

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