ELI5 What are these black spots that mysteriously appear floating on the air?

ELI5 What are these black spots that mysteriously appear floating on the air?

As you can see it here:


My girlfriend thinks it's spider poop. What is it?

[Guide] Football Freeze Explained & How You Can Maximize Your Rewards

[Guide] Football Freeze Explained & How You Can Maximize Your Rewards

Hey guys so from whatever information we have gotten so far, the FF event seems lit AF. So let's get straight into it!

Note: To avoid confusion just know that, Skill Boosts == Require more Boiling points (but some Freeze points as well) and XP == Require more Freezing points (but some Boiling points as well).

1) Is the Holiday Doubler worth 2k FP?

Yes, cause with the offer you can complete a whole path in the Snowflake chapter and you can see for yourself, the rewards are diversified and great(coins, XP and Skill boosts in every path).

2) What does the 4 hour event give?

It refreshes every hour for 18 days. Which means 6x18=108. Double it and you have 216 points. So as of now 216 points is the max you get. (You can go for only ONE path every 4 hours so 216 is what you get if you double both or play only the doubled point , eg only boiling, all 18 days.) If you plan on doing a Snowflake path, you need both points for a single path, so you end up getting less then 216 points max if you double only one type of points. But there is a chance to get more points and also I expect more points from daily gifts.

Note: The live event is repeatable, so it's great for farming coins and there is a chance for extra tokens. What is that chance? Not enough data as of yet.

3) Where should I start in the Snowflake chapter?

Start one of the bottom 3 nodes for skill boosts and one of the top 3 nodes for XP. Mind you both paths give XP as well as Boosts, it's just that bottom paths give more Skills compared to XP and vice versa for the top nodes. Mind you, stick to one node only for best rewards.

4) Does each path require only one kind of points?

No they require both Boiling and Freeze points. But as I said earlier, Skill Boosts paths require more Boiling points (for which you should use the doubler in this case) and less Freeze points, while vice versa for XP paths. For eg Skill Boosts path requires 104 Boiling Points and 41 Freeze Points.

5) What about the freeze gifts?

They seem really great and best part is you can get a lot of them down the line. So keep a track on which gifts are available and choose the one you want when you have enough points.

6) Will I have 300 points to complete the mega offers at the start?

As of now calculations say only 216 points can be claimed even w the doubler. Beyond that 216 points, there is a chance of getting more as the live events are repeatable. But no idea how low that chance is as of yet.

7) Where to obtain Freeze Players from?

Only from FP store packs as of yet. I'm sure there will be more ways to get them (most probably from the Gold Freeze Gifts).

8) What are the points we get from ads for?

They can be redeemed for packs in the store. 10 Add points for 1 pack.

it is really complicated thanks for the guide

Skills any given day

I've done it 42 times in total. I have just gotten a shit ton of coins and no freezing point.

You actually wanna take EA's chance into account? Lol, I have mentioned it, but no solid figure as that chance could be 0.001% as well.

Remember kids, Angra's NP bypass invulnerability.

Remember kids, Angra's NP bypass invulnerability.

"Sir, should we put in Jalter and give her multiple lifebars?"

"No... Send in... Him."

"Him?! But sir, his NP can pierce invulnerability and evasion! It might be too hard! It might surprise players!"

"I know. Send him."

I didn't even realize his np was powerful enough to nuke my frontline (rip support BB). Emiya had to solo the rest, never doubting my starter ever again.

Well, Nasu wrote this event. That's exactly something he would do.

Well, I clearly didn't.

Letโ€™s give the liberals what they want. IN PEACH ๐Ÿ‘ TRUMP ๐Ÿ‘

Letโ€™s give the liberals what they want. IN PEACH ๐Ÿ‘ TRUMP ๐Ÿ‘

Right in the pussy.

I hate peaches now. Reeeeeee!

That's one peach I'd gladly grab!

Grab em by the peach๐Ÿ–๐Ÿ‘

Jason Herzog with a beautiful transition on Jimi Manuwa

Manuwa schooled 2 times in 20 second that night.

damn should've gone for the guillotine at the end.

I get he wants to control him because he's just been booped silly but is it really a good idea to give a fighter who doesn't know where he is the feel that someone's still fighting him.

If he jumped up on the cage after that and did the pantomime belt come hither, that would be great.

HUMOR: Jokes on you critics.

HUMOR: Jokes on you critics.

I don't want to be that guy, but...let's not be those guys and shout "x movie was worse than y movie, of which I'm a fan of". I didn't like TLJ either. I like Justice League, but at least TLJ didn't have one of the main characters look like he mistook a beehive for Lois Lane's scoop.

I loved JL, and the fallout of the film is understandable. However, Iโ€™m curious as to how is it that the gap between the critics and audience is so big for TLJ? I actually liked the film but there are issues, but I donโ€™t get how critics loved it and most reactions Iโ€™ve seen from friends and the internet dislike it.

Fans wanted Luke to be like he was in Legends. Mainly cuz of that.

"Hell Yeah"

Kite Man, circa 2017.

Gotta infect the kids young with Trump Derangement Syndrome

Gotta infect the kids young with Trump Derangement Syndrome

I double-dog dare you to find a 2 year old who knows what a gas chamber is.

What a fucking idiot.

I was talking to my wife's two year old son when I brought up how 30,000 people die from gun related deaths a year and that I was scared for his future unless we got rid of them. He told me two-thirds of those deaths are from suicide and the rest only accounted for 0.4% of deaths in America that year. Shaking.

Maybe we should considering the circumstances and levels of degeneracy?

lol jk

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